Austin Consultants are experts in automated data acquisition and control. Our extensible, platform-oriented architecture provides maximum flexibility for testing Electric Vehicle powertrains and new battery technologies. Easily integrate with existing instrumentation and test cell equipment; rapidly deploy models from almost any environment to run deterministically in-the-loop, at high-speed; and automate testing through the innovative Python scripting engine.


Caltest Instruments offer high level technical/applications support, an extensive range of sale, demo and rental equipment and a comprehensive service/UKAS calibration department.
Caltest proudly represent a number of industry leading manufacturers.


Cambustion’s fast-response gas and particulate analysers enable engineers worldwide to understand engine operation and meet emissions targets, including real world driving. Rapid mapping and transient mapping capabilities offer cost effective routes to emissions compliance.

Cambustion’s Particulate Filter Testing System has been embraced by GPF/DPF and vehicle manufacturers for filter testing and development including ashing studies.


ETPS specialise in programmable power supplies and test systems. Our wide selection of products caters for almost any power, voltage or current requirement. Specific ranges include programmable AC & DC sources, battery/capacitor emulators, bidirectional PSUs, electronic loads, battery/capacitor cyclers and drive cycle test equipment. We also provide rental power systems.


HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy, offering solutions for manufacturers looking to create impact. We are focussed on ‘Scale Up’, organisations who are making new products or increasing the volumes of current products, ‘Productivity’, using an array of tools, including digital, to increase efficiency and flexibility for manufacturing and ‘Circular Economy’, helping organisations to implement circular business models to reduce waste.


Hypermotive Ltd. are automotive electrical and electronics integration engineers. Our 3 divisions serve customers across automotive OEMs, niche vehicles, technology developers and motorsport.

• Hypermotive Electric Vehicle (EV) Systems
• Hypermotive Fuel Cell (FC) Systems
• Hypermotive Wiring Systems

Hypermotive’s broad capability includes systems integration, electrical/electronic hardware, software/controls, harnessing and low volume manufacturing.


IAAPS is a £70m R&I institute opening at the Bristol and Bath Science Park in 2021. The new facility builds on over 40 years of automotive propulsion expertise at the University of Bath, working in alignment with industry in the pursuit of cleaner, smarter engines, powertrains and driver technologies.


Intertek Transportation Technologies in Milton Keynes, UK, has over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry and is the largest independent automotive EV powertrain testing facility in the UK.

Our engine test cells offer the most technologically advanced driveline test facilities in Europe. As well as offering engine durability testing, we specialize in engine performance, emissions development, combustion mapping, fuel and lubricant testing, exhaust system manufacture and catalyst aging.


LAUDA is the global leader in the manufacture of Constant temperature equipment and provides solutions into the automotive sector for R&D and product development. LAUDA has seen a rapid growth in sales accompanying the expansion in new technologies, especially testing and temperature simulation in battery cells, dyno-rigs, climate chambers, fuels and also motors. LAUDA offers a wide temperature range from -90 degC to +320 degC.


Maccor Inc. designs and manufactures cell and battery test equipment used for material and cell research & development, battery application testing, quality assurance and other applications requiring precise control and measurement of current and voltage. Different systems can operate from 100 nanoAmps to 2000 Amps and from 5V to 1200V.

mahle powertrain

MAHLE Powertrain is an Engineering Services provider specialising in the design and integration of advanced internal combustion engines and electrified powertrain systems. As recognised experts in these fields, we are fully engaged in the detailed development of traditional and advanced drivelines into cost-effective, production feasible solutions for enhanced efficiency, improved fuel economy and lower emissions.


Millbrook is a leading provider of vehicle test and validation services and systems to customers in the automotive, transport, tyre, petrochemical and defence industries. It is independent and impartial in everything it does. It has a range of test facilities in the UK, the USA and Northern Finland.


OSCO designs and supplies Litz Wire, Custom Cable and Thermal Management Materials to OEMS and Suppliers of Electric Vehicle Systems and Motor / Powertrain Technologies. OSCO’s team of technical engineers push the boundaries in copper compaction resulting in winding efficiencies to optimise powertrain performance in all market sectors.


SPAL Automotive is a global designer & manufacturer of brushless driven cooling fans and heater blowers. Software controlled for maximum efficiency, the fully sealed drive units are specified to IP6K9K, spark-free, waterproof and safe; meeting the exacting demands of hybrid engine & battery cooling, delivering high performance, 30,000+ hours operation and contributing to reduced emissions.

thermal hazard technology

THT is a leading supplier of lithium battery safety testing equipment.
ARC provides an adiabatic testing environment typically leading to full thermal runaway.
IBC isothermal calorimeters offer high precision heat measurement and Cp determination.
ICP maintains isothermal conditions of an entire battery with minimal internal thermal gradients during cell cycling.

Unique specialist recruitment

Unique Specialist Recruitment focusses on Permanent and Contract Recruitment within the following:-

Engineering – Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, Packaging, Operations

Technical – IT, Software, Electronics, Controls, Hardware

Professional – Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing, Insurance, Legal

All divisions are based out of our office in Chelmsford Essex, but our supply capabilities enable us to recruit Internationally.