Energy Engineering Magazine – Future Powertrain Conference 2018 Special Edition


We are very pleased to announce that FPC2018 have partnered with the publishers of Energy Engineering who will be producing a “Future Powertrain Conference 2018 Special Edition” which will feature in the February issue of their Low Carbon Vehicle magazine 

Energy Engineering Magazine prides itself on providing informed news, comment and analysis on a fast-moving industry that is significant from an engineering, environmental, and political perspective.

The magazine will include editorial information from FPC2018 exhibitors, recent press releases, case studies, and profiles of work which exhibitors are working on in this sector.

To find out more about Energy Engineering Magazine, go to their website at

Keynote Speaker Announced – Stefan Berger, Director for Electrification, Jaguar Land Rover

We are pleased to announce that Stefan Berger, Director for Electrification, Jaguar Land Rover, will present a Keynote Speech at the Future Powertrain Conference 2018.  

Stefan Berger joined Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) as Director, Electrification, in October 2017. In this role he plays a vital role in JLR’s electrification journey – leading and coordinating both the electrification of the product portfolio and related activities like charging infrastructure development and the creation of new business models around electrification.

Stefan started his career in consulting before moving on to the The Linde Group where he was Executive Assistant to the CEO and a member of the Corporate Strategy Team with a focus on large scale investment projects. In 2010, Stefan joined JLR as Corporate Strategy Director. He held this role until 2013. From 2014 to 2017 Stefan was on an assignment at JLR’s parent company Tata Sons where he was Vice President in the Chairman’s Office, working with Tata Group companies on Business Development opportunities and strategic projects.

Stefan holds a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Regensburg, Germany, and a Diploma in Business Administration of the University of Passau, Germany.